SPRQ Burlesque Chair & Fitness

“A journey of a thousand miles 

begins with a single step”

 - Lao Tzu


3 Weeks of Sundays
5 Weeks of Wednesdays

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SPRQ Burlesque Chair & Fitness

CHURCH is what we use as a description of the 3 weeks of Sunday's Morning Class Series!


You'll be sweating like a sinner in Church, an opportunity to confess your week of 'bad' choices and a feel good vibe that leaves you refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated for the week ahead!

830-915a Strength: KettleYoga

930-1015a Core-Focused: BARRE

$30 - 1 Class / $45 - 2 Classes

530-615P BARRE: A cardio explosion for 5 weeks! A little sassy and a whole lot of strong! A higher intensity of cardio compared to the Sunday series.

630-720P Burlesque Chair Aerobics: takes fitness to a whole new level with sex appeal. In this class we promote self-love, instruction comes with positive mindset shifts, while confidence building!

$45 - BARRE: Cardio Explosion

$65 - Burlesque Chair Aerobics

Burlesque Dance Troupes

SPRQ Burlesque Dance Troupes build a performance set. Learning choreography, creating stage presence while developing personality, gaining confidence and self-love, in addition building empowering friendships. Duration of Troupe practices are approximately 6-8 weeks with an intimate performance opportunity to showcase your commitment!

Description and Pricing provided at first at Information Nights.

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Since 2010, I've been throwin' a lil' SPRQle all over Central Maine. SPRQ (pronounced SPARK) has transformed from a full group fitness facility, specializing in health, wellness and feeling good to a niche studio space! The studio offers an safe environment to create, express and discover just who you are; mother, partner, leader, friend and confidant. Our lives may be tough, but sweetheart, let me show you just how strong you truly are! 

As a certified group fitness instructor, I have taken some of my favorite strength, endurance and feel good aspects and melded them together to create a variety of small group classes. These classes will not only build strength in your physical appearance, but in your mind and soul! Incorporating positive mind-growth technique and striving for self-confidence with positive self-talk and encouragement from like-minded participants!



BARRE: 8-10 participants

KettleBell Yoga: 10-12 participants

 Burlesque Chair Aerobics: 12-15 participants

SPRQ Burlesque Dance Troupe Opportunities: 4-8 participants

RockStar Yoga*

Booty & Burlesque*

and Monthly Specialty Classes!





191 Lisbon St, 3rd Floor

4th Floor, Centreville Parking Garage

Corner of Ash/Canal Streets

Lewiston, ME 04240


Tel: 207 - 739 - 9346

Email: kelligilzow@gmail.com


Sundays: 815a - NOON 

Wednesdays: 515P - 830P



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