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Here at SPRQ Burlesque Chair & Fitness my definition of Fitness has progressed over the years. 

Years ago, fitness was for stress relief. And slowly as my stress continued to escalate, I found myself over exercising and under eating. My body reacted by shutting down. Becoming resistant to my workouts and resulting in a negative response. Not only for me, but for the clients that depended on me. 

Since closing the doors to the studio in 2016, I have found my love for fitness, again. This time though, the mindset that I choose to radiate and help others understand is that you are choosing to nurture yourself. You've heard the term, 'treating your body as as a temple'. Well, this reigns true. 


A Fitness-esque approach on classes is tied to your core. Mind, body and soul. 

Using this core-conditioning approach. You are bound to create a regiment that fits not only your lifestyle but radiates positivity in many other aspects of your life and to those who surround you! Begin with an intention that reflects self-care.

2021 BUTI Yoga Instructor In-Training


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