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This morning at my over a year due dentist cleaning .. the hygentist states 'when you brush before bed' ..

Silly lady, I don't have a nighttime routine. I get home, I unwind and collapse .. there is no bedtime routine and for that, I am embarrassed.

I cried, I have wallowed and why? The self talk is mean, hateful, and unworthy. I have no bedtime routine because I'm wiped. Simply and nothing more than that. It's not because I don't love myself - rather just not a priority.

Now to improve my PM routine is a goal I have been working on but with my eyes (bruder mask for severe dry eyes) and my retainer (bc I grind my teeth so badly I have no canines) .. I will get there, I make progress each week. BUT until then I will kinder to myself and there will be more than normal plaque accumulation.. it will not be the worst thing in the world to happen.


Alyssa Schaff
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