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Join me for 8a BUTI Yoga and 9a for SKILLZ

Sunday, March 26 😘✨ #throwalilSPRQle


appropriately fitting for tonights day of rest

😘✨ #throwalilSPRQle

Meditation is tough.. UNCLENCHING the jaw, hits home.. I realize we are all on the go - LETS TAKE THIS MINUTE to let just go!

A little informational on dry body brushing to connect last Fridays feel goods! 🤍✨

Tonights FULL Moon presents the perfect opportunity to dive into some journaling prompts on our way to self-discovery!


This morning at my over a year due dentist cleaning .. the hygentist states 'when you brush before bed' ..

Silly lady, I don't have a nighttime routine. I get home, I unwind and collapse .. there is no bedtime routine and for that, I am embarrassed.

I cried, I have wallowed and why? The self talk is mean, hateful, and unworthy. I have no bedtime routine because I'm wiped. Simply and nothing more than that. It's not because I don't love myself - rather just not a priority.

Alyssa Schaff

Self Love takes shape when we get a grip on how to best execute this love we must give to ourselves..

The idea of Self Love is easy BUT as humans, it's been proven that we first give away our love to others before feeding ourselves..

This 5 Day Love Yourself Challenge is a week long look at INTENTIONALLY putting ourselves at the top of the who do we serve each day list..

As I work on mindfulness and becoming more present, I was drawn to this reflexology technique that I enjoy incorporating into my face-washing routine. Give it a go! 😚✨

Relexology Face Wash Technique
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Kate Austin
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