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Remember we begin this selection in MAY!

I have shared access to the audio version and a supporting PDF from the Author, please let me know if you need access!

It’s a rather affordable paperback and comes with Chapter Journal prompts!

appropriately fitting for tonights day of rest

😘✨ #throwalilSPRQle

Meditation is tough.. UNCLENCHING the jaw, hits home.. I realize we are all on the go - LETS TAKE THIS MINUTE to let just go!

Tonights FULL Moon presents the perfect opportunity to dive into some journaling prompts on our way to self-discovery!


This morning at my over a year due dentist cleaning .. the hygentist states 'when you brush before bed' ..

Silly lady, I don't have a nighttime routine. I get home, I unwind and collapse .. there is no bedtime routine and for that, I am embarrassed.

I cried, I have wallowed and why? The self talk is mean, hateful, and unworthy. I have no bedtime routine because I'm wiped. Simply and nothing more than that. It's not because I don't love myself - rather just not a priority.

Alyssa Schaff

Conscious Awareness can be created multiple times a day.. I intend to stop long enough at least once today..

What's a realistic approach for YOU?


Managing multiple BOOKS is tough .. Last years binder and traditional means of organization simply didn't work! 🙃 Reflect, Revise, Reset & Begin Again begins on January 14th!

Found these magical folders at Staples yesterday and haven't felt so inspired to drop ALL I have to do and work on these in a LONG time! BUT we shall wait until the 14th to dive deep ..

As the work day hustle continues .. It's this reminder that will help my collaborative creativity bloom 🌱😘✨

Kate Austin
Fanny Flex

Podcast Car Rides

Rachel Hollis, episode 375

S = scenery, change

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