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Meet Kelli

"Our lives may be tough, but sweetheart, let me show you just how strong you truly are!"

Years ago, fitness was for stress relief. Slowly as my stress continued to escalate, I found myself over exercising and under eating. My body reacted by shutting down. Becoming resistant to my workouts and resulting in a negative space. Not only for me, but for the clients that depended on me.


Closing the doors to the studio in 2016, I have found my love for fitness again. 

This time though, I choose to radiate my mindset of self-care and confidence to others as they begin their journey here at SPRQ.


Since 2010, I've been throwin' a lil' SPRQle all over Central Maine. SPRQ (pronounced SPARK) has transformed from a full group fitness facility, specializing in health, wellness and feeling good, to a niche studio space! The studio offers a safe environment to create, express and discover just who you are; mother, partner, leader, friend and confidant.


As a certified group fitness instructor, I have taken some of my favorite strength, endurance and feel good aspects and melded them together to create a variety of small group classes. These classes will not only build strength in your physical appearance, but in your mind and soul! I've incorporated mind-growth technique and an urgency to strive for self-confidence with positive self-talk and encouragement from like-minded participants to create this crazy tribe!